Challenge The Yes

Most coaches:
[Client] Yes. I am in.
[Coach] YIPPPEEE! I mean, please send me a check.

Rare (successful) coaches:
[Client] Yes. I am in.
[Coach] Let’s slow things down for a moment. I don’t want you to feel rushed to sign up. In the past I had people ‘say’ they were in. But they were not. They quit early. And the truth is that most people quit before they even start.

I am not prepared to let that happen to you.

What will you do if it gets hard? What will you do if you feel stuck? What will you do if you are concerned about money?

Until you can answer these questions I will not let you become a client. I am not looking for a ‘Yes’. I will only work with a client when it is a “Hell Yes”. For both of us.







When did you last say YES too quickly?

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