Don’t ever sell ‘Coaching’.

If a woman goes to a hardware store to buy a power drill – what does she need?
[HINT: it’s not a drill].

She needs holes….

holesShe has a financial, emotional, logical or intellectual need for holes. She might think she wants a drill. But it’s your responsibility to determine the real truth and her real need.

Your responsibility and opportunity is not to just sell her a drill. You must figure out how to satisfy her financial, emotional, logical or intellectual need for holes and make sure the drill she buys from you will solve her problem and give her the exact holes she needs.

Or maybe she thinks she wants holes, but when you find out that she needs to insert rods in these holes, you realize that fasteners would work better than holes. So you sell her some fasteners. You have truly solved her problem.

You have also become a trusted advisor and a friend. And you should think of your clients as “dear, valued friends.”

(Adapted from an article by Jay Abraham)

As a coach: get clear on what you are REALLY selling each client.
[HINT: it’s not Coaching]

Love. Rich

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