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Audio recordings from the event

To access your audio recording gift, click here. (Password: BeYou2014)


The Binder

Over 100 pages of articles and resources to help you grow your coaching practice.
Download the Binder [PDF]


Allison’s Artwork

View and download images of Allison’s graphic recording here


Videos from the Intensive

There are only 2 things certain in life: (1) You’re going to die. (2) You don’t know when it will happen – Claire Wineland: “How To Live With The Uncertainty Of Life”

The Paradox of Mastery – Louis C.K. & Bradley Cooper

The Issue is Not The Issue: It’s Not About The Nail

Great Salespeople Know Their Answer BEFORE they Propose – Marriage Proposal Fail

“Needy is Creepy” – Swingers: Mikey’s Phone Call

You’re a Coach? What do you do? – What the Fuck Gilfoyle Does

I’m Good At One Thing. And That’s Being ME: The prison of your mind: Sean Stephenson

OUR THEME TUNE: “I Gotta Be Me” – Sammy Davis Jr

Bonus Materials:

Here are some special bonus gifts from Rich and Steve. Enjoy!


Rich Litvin’s Mastery Intensive Audio Collection (Password: CloserThanYouImagine)

A digital PDF copy of “The Prosperous Coach”

Business Coaching E-Book by Steve Chandler

Steve Chandler’s Ebook: “50 Ways to Create Great Relationships”


“The 17 Lies That Coaches Tell Me”

“The Huge Problem With High-Paying Clients That You Can Learn To Resolve”

“The 7 Biggest Lies That Hold Coaches Back And How You Can Turn Them Around”

Meet My Mentor the Magical Motivator” (Steve Hardison)

“I Was a Miserable Failure as a Coach”


Video clip from Rich “Creating Clients and Building YOUR Coaching Practice” (an Evercoach training call excerpt)

Video clip from Rich “Client Creation and Confidence” (an Evercoach training call excerpt)

Video clip from Steve “Coaching and Relationship”





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