Do you feel awkward when clients ask you about your success—as if you don’t deserve their praise?

Are you struggling with roadblocks that keep you from coaching at the top of your game?

Are you ready to reach for—and beyond—your wildest dreams for your coaching practice?

I’m sending you this private message today because you and I have a lot in common. Like me, you’re already a powerful, successful, and accomplished coach. You have clients who turn to you for the kind of expert guidance and inspiration they can’t get anywhere else.

In short, you’ve helped others achieve incredible results. They think you’re amazing, but you’re reaching for something more. There’s something bigger you want to achieve. A higher level that seems just out of reach.

And on 10 October, I’d like to help you get you there with a deep, powerful coaching experience.

The “secret” is no secret

People often look at my coaching success and ask what my “secret” is. They note that I’ve been featured in articles with titles like “Essential Interviews with 7 Coaches You Need to Know About,” or that my book The Prosperous Coach sold more than 1,000 copies in two months simply by word of mouth, with no marketing.

My answer always surprises them: I fail more often than I succeed.

Here’s what I mean…

Where do outrageous results come from?

When we see successful people, we often think they live charmed lives. We assume—incorrectly—that the doors of opportunity simply fly open for them (and not for us).

I’m a perfect example. I work with some of the highest achievers on the planet, and they create extraordinary results:

  • A woman I helped transition from the corporate world to becoming a consultant was offered her first ever contract with a top Hollywood studio at $350,000 for 6 months of consulting.
  • One of my clients, a British mother of three, came to me with a ‘crazy’ dream of convincing Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur, to write the forward to her book and become President of her organization. He agreed to do both. And just last month he flew her out to California to meet Oprah.
  • An Olympic Athlete I worked with was struggling with her blocks around money. Within 24 hours of our first session together, she raised $40,000 of corporate sponsorship.
  • Last year I spent a single day with a coach. I taught him deep, powerful, yet simple principles of Client Creation. A week later he signed his first-ever $50,000 client.
  • One of my Apprentices created $250,000 in our first five months working together. He recently signed his second $100,000 client and his practice is now full.
  • One of my clients is currently fundraising for an exclusive animal sanctuary he founded. He has just received his first backing from a Hollywood star and is in conversation with one of the wealthiest philanthropists in the world about her becoming a million-dollar donor.
  • An author I coached was asked to speak at Google about his initiative around Corporate Social Responsibility. After this speech, one of the senior directors of Google joined his Board and he was invited to fly to Bangladesh to speak to Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Prize winner and developer of micro-lending.
  • A consultant client has generated $200,000 so far, working, just two and a half days a week. She creates clients purely by invitation & referral.
  • One of my Apprentices just took her first-ever three-month Sabbatical. She took three months off completely, just to spend time with her family and to have fun!

After reading that list, you’re probably not thinking about the fact that I helped all of these people achieve incredible successes after being fired from a high school teaching job and quitting my first coach training experience because it was boring. But I did.

And here’s another “secret” behind my success: when I first started, I was scared to go out in the world as a coach. I was constantly looking for a “Batman” to my “Robin.” I even became the CEO of a Coach Training company and only found the courage to quit when a friend said, “I get why they want you. I don’t get why you want them.”

I made the transition, and you can too

If you want to be the master of anything—whether it’s coaching, business, sport, or whatever—there are no shortcuts. As my friend Michael Neill says:

If you’re looking to become a millionaire in a month or build a successful business from scratch in 90 days, I’ve got some bad news — it doesn’t work that way. Really.

I know of no way around this one — if you want to produce results and you’re not starting at the finish line, you need to put in the hours.

While there are no shortcuts to putting in the hours—and making the necessary mistakes along the way—there is a way to make the process happen sooner.

Our most powerful life experiences take place when we’re fully present and immersed in what we’re doing. That’s why I constantly immerse myself in the study of coaching. I never stop learning. I never stop taking risks. And I continue to fail regularly, but the failures lead to incredible successes.

A key part of this process is taking time to step outside my practice and share insights with a small, hand-picked group of other elite coaches.

And today, I’d like to invite you to share this amazing experience.

Join me for a one-day Power of Immersion Retreat

On 10 October, I’ll gather with a small group, strictly limited to just 9 high-achieving coaches, each of whom I’ve carefully selected from previous experience or personal interviews.

We will dive into the secrets behind what it takes to truly succeed as a coach and how to create powerful successes for your clients.

You will learn:

  • How to be a powerful leader
  • How to use powerful language
  • How to create powerful clients
  • And the power of vulnerability.

You will discover:

  • The impact of leverage
  • The impact of advocates
  • The impact of extraordinary requests
  • And the true impact of failure.

You will be able to ask me any question, on any topic, at any level of intensity. And, we will all commit to one principle for the day: HIDE NOTHING.

Bring bold goals…

So we have something powerful to work on.

Come and join me as I hold up a mirror to my own coaching—as well as to yours—as we explore what has the biggest impact on success, for you and your clients.


Our day-long face-to-face intensive in the beautiful Notting Hill apartment that Monique and I have rented for our time in London:



This exclusive, one-day retreat will be held on 10 October  TIME.

A big part of this retreat is the connections you will make with other powerful coaches, so be prepared to meet high-performing peers and stay in touch afterward.

What’s Your Outrageous Mission? Nothing is too bold.

I’m completely serious when I tell you to bring your biggest, craziest goals. This retreat isn’t going to be open to just anyone. I’m only interested in working with coaches who understand the power of APPLYING what they learn:

Following my last Intensive, Karen signed her first $25,000 client within 2 weeks of the event and Terrance billed $100,000 between then and now. Both of them have already signed up to return in September. It’s no coincidence that Terrance, who billed $400,000 last year is returning for his fourth Intensive, after a year-long Apprenticeship with me.

But while Karen and Terrance made significant investments to attend the events that led to these results, you’ll have the opportunity to work with me at this retreat for a fraction of the cost.

A small investment—an incredible value

I haven’t run a coaching intensive for less than $1,000 in the past three years, and they sell out every time. My Apprenticeship is $75,000 and the Prosperous Coach Salon is $10,000. And it’s extremely rare that coaches who don’t work with me at this level have an opportunity to dive in deep with me in person to explore what it really takes to be a powerful leader.

Keep that in mind when you consider that your investment in this London retreat is just £320.

If we’ve already worked together, you’re automatically approved to participate. So, if your response to all this is “Hell, Yeah!,” send me an email to reserve one of the X slots that remain.

I’ll be interviewing anyone I don’t already know to make sure they’re ready for this level. If your response to all this is “Hell, Yeah!,” send me an email to apply. I’ll set up an interview to make sure that this retreat is right for you.

I look forward to working closely with you at this very special private event.

Love, Rich

photoI have more than quadrupled my coaching income in the past 12 months of coaching with Rich. He is a smart, powerful and compassionate leader who believes in his clients so much that they start to believe it, too — and this changes everything.”

— John P. Morgan
photo Before working with Rich, I already had an impressive track record in my career and a million and one ideas. But I lacked the confidence to really follow through on them. And I had a great deal of fear around money.As a result of coaching with Rich, I started to take action and I saw my confidence grow. I now relish making outrageous requests and as a direct result of that confidence and those requests I am scheduled to speak at TEDx; I am about to start writing a column for Psychologies magazine; and I have a brilliant two-day-a-week consultancy contract for two years—which will cover my expenses, whilst I kick start a couple of my other ideas.I feel more comfortable in my own skin and love discovering my authentic voice. I am happier about speaking out about what I think, feel or believe where once I might have held back for fear of offending or upsetting someone. My passion is to build authentic relationships and to be the person I was created to be. I feel that I am doing that and helping others on that journey.

Rich is a great coach and he creates a brilliant dynamic amongst the group to be vulnerable, authentic, passionate and supportive and to grow together. Rich holds nothing back and loves nothing more than to go deep and create a place where others can go beyond where they have gone before.”

 Sarah Abell
photoSometimes I have to pinch myself to realize what I have achieved and to see that it is real.”

 Susan Andrews (who recently signed her first $75,000 client)
photo Wow. Just got my first hell yeah to a $10.000 proposal – 5 days of 1-on-1 coaching on the Big Island of Hawaii. And, he is one of my favorite (past) clients!”

 Paula Padmakshi
Brian-WuThis workshop has transformed the way I run my coaching practice. I feel much more relaxed around money. I no longer have the need to constantly prove myself worthy. And I know that I can create clients from a place of love and service instead of from a place of neediness.If you want to work with only a few high-achieving clients per year, and if you hate traditional marketing and sales, do yourself and your future clients a favor and go to this workshop. Rich and Steve are masters of client creation – observe how they are being at the workshop and apply it, and your life will transform.”

 Brian Yining Wu