March 2014 Intensive Resources



1. The Binder

Over 60 pages of articles and resources to help you grow your coaching practice.
Download the Workbook [PDF]

2. Leadership & Language for Client Creation

Download the handout [PDF]

3. Rich Litvin’s Apprentice Reading List

“You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet.”
— Charles ‘Tremendous’ Jones

This is the reading list Rich gives to his Apprentices, with over 100 of his favorite books. There are sections on Coaching Mastery, Personal Mastery, Creating Clients Mastery, Money Mastery, Insight Mastery, Relationship Mastery and Spiritual Mastery.

Download the List [PDF]

Videos & Music

The Unofficial Theme Tune to the event: 
Pharrell Williams – Happy –
DAY 1 Vulnerability Day:
 DAY 2 Visibility Day:

DAY 3 Voice Day:

 DAY 4 Vitality Day: 

Visual Notes

By Danielle Baird

Day 1: Vulnerability Day


Day 2: Visibility Day (with Ali Shanti)


Day 3: Voice Day (with Monique DeBose)


Day 4: Vitality Day