Sample Chapters

The Prosperous Coach

Chapter 1: “Why isn’t this working?”
Chapter 2: Without a client you’re not a coach

The Miracle of Coaching

Chapter 3: To hell with circumstances
Chapter 4: Drop the phony stuff
Chapter 5: Set your bar high. And clear it.
Chapter 6: Choose your level of engagement
Chapter 7: Or be a struggling coach
Chapter 8: Love the “hard” part
Chapter 9: Design your preferred lifestyle
Chapter 10: Cultivate deep foundations

Creating Clients

Chapter 11: Clients are created not attracted
Chapter 12: Invitation and referral only
Chapter 13: Okay, here we go, a bold promise: this will get you clients
Chapter 14: Have the disciplines be fun
Chapter 15: Things you should simply stop doing
Chapter 16: Try this step-by-step process
Chapter 17: Step 1: Connect
Chapter 18: Step 2: Invite
Chapter 19: Step 3: Create
Chapter 20: Step 4: Propose
Chapter 21: Never take less than two hours
Chapter 22: Don’t close a sale—open a relationship
Chapter 23: Learn to astonish your clients
Chapter 24: Learn to enjoy enrolling
Chapter 25: Sell the experience, not the concept
Chapter 26: Actively seek exciting clients
Chapter 27: Possibility will trump affordability
Chapter 28: Always be creating clients
Chapter 29: Be okay to begin as a beginner

Fearless Coaching

Chapter 30: Magical vs magic
Chapter 31: Coach and coach and coach
Chapter 32: Learn to love those feisty no’s
Chapter 33: Truth is what clients value
Chapter 34: No such thing as plural
Chapter 35: Sometimes the best email is no email
Chapter 36: When you do use email, do this
Chapter 37: Push past the fear and get closer
Chapter 38: Strength comes from getting uncomfortable
Chapter 39: The biggest mistake coaches make
Chapter 40: Stop being a pro bono bonehead
Chapter 41: Extraordinary results are created by extraordinary requests
Chapter 42: Don’t charge for what you do
Chapter 43: The best time to plant a tree
Chapter 44: Don’t be a wallflower: tell your story
Chapter 45: Stop schmoozing
Chapter 46: It’s time to lead

Deep Inner Work

Chapter 47: Coaching is NOT a luxury
Chapter 48: The secret: there is no secret
Chapter 49: The value of daily practice
Chapter 50: If you want to do this, NOW is the time
Chapter 51: Stay focused on what helps people
Chapter 52: Service: energy out = energy back
Chapter 53: Never propose marriage ten days after you meet
Chapter 54: Who are you being?
Chapter 55: They pay for more than the hour
Chapter 56: Think exponential versus incremental
Chapter 57: Time to stop being so busy
Chapter 58: Slow down to speed up success
Chapter 59: You can do this as a blue collar job
Chapter 60: No one ever pays for coaching
Chapter 61: Learn the beauty of a routine
Chapter 62: Fail and fail and then fail more
Chapter 63: Why would a coach need a coach?
Chapter 64: Learn to log in and log out
Chapter 65: Grow your professional self-esteem
Chapter 66: Learn to suffer a little injury
Chapter 67: You are the one you are looking for
Chapter 68: Five frogs are sitting on a log
Chapter 69: The end is really the beginning

Appendices: Creating an extraordinary coaching practice

Appendix 1: The Litvin Levels (Download the worksheet)
Appendix 2: The Litvin List (Download the worksheet)
Appendix 3: How to fearlessly create a powerful coaching conversation
Appendix 4: Tracking sheet (Download the worksheet)
Appendix 5: The NO game
Appendix 6: Fear and excuses
Appendix 7: Q & A with Steve and Rich

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