Step 1: Connect

prosperouscoach_creatingclients_1Chapter 17 • By: Rich

That’s it. Only connect.

Ask yourself, who would I LOVE to speak to? And then call them. Bring your humor and curiosity. Be genuinely interested in what they are up to.

“Hey Sarah. Long time no speak. How’s things? How’s the family? How’s the business? What are you up to? What’s your next big project? What’s your biggest challenge right now?”

At some point, when you are genuinely interested, you may see a way that you can support or be of service to her. There will be a book you can recommend. Or an article you can send her. Or a client you can refer to her. Sometimes you’ll notice that the person you’re speaking to is facing a challenge. Maybe they’re struggling to turn a dream into a clear vision. Maybe they just inspire you.

That’s when you go to the next step…

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