Learn to love those feisty no’s

Chapter 32 • By: Steve

yes-lives-in-the-land-of-noDon’t worry when someone says no.

You will be surprised at who comes back to you later with a fee in hand after originally backing away at the thought of paying such an amount.

Sometimes weeks, sometimes months and sometimes years later, but proposals generate future business. We just don’t see it because our culture’s attraction to the negative has us translate a proposal that gets a no into “emotional disappointment.”

no can be the best and most exciting thing about a coaching practice, but only after we practice a lot. And learn to really feel how fun they are. How powerful.

Yes lives in the land of no. Without no there could be no yes. No means you are in action. Only passivity can stop you from being prosperous.

If someone in another city, unseen by you, flipped a coin a lot of times, could you tell me how many heads they got? No, you couldn’t even make a good guess unless you knew more information, right? Okay, well, what if I told you how many tails they got? Would you then be in a better position to guess how many heads? Absolutely! Why? Tails and heads go together! You get them both when you flip.

Yes and no go together, too. So if I know how many no’s you got last year, I’m in a much better position to tell you how many clients you have.

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