Step 2: Invite

Chapter 18 • By: Rich

prosperouscoach_creatingclients_2There are two lovely questions that change everything for a coach who is creating clients. “Would you like some help with that?” And “Who do you know?”

If you are talking to someone who you believe could really get value from spending time with you, there’s a simple question to ask them when you hear them describe their dream, their challenge, or their biggest fear: Would you like some help with that?

If the answer is a clear yes, do not jump into coaching them in that very moment. Be like a doctor. If you meet a doctor at a party and you start to tell them about the problem with your knee, they won’t ask you to roll up your trouser leg! They’ll tell you to book an appointment.

So be a professional coach. Not a social one. If the answer to your question, “Would you like some help with that?” is a clear yes, invite them to meet with you. In person is always best, but over the phone can work perfectly. Block out two hours for them. Let them know that you will create a life‑changing coaching experience. Don’t be afraid to tell them that. Coaching IS life‑changing. Even a single session.

Then put a date in your calendar.

The alternative, if you are speaking to someone you either imagine may be open to coaching or may know someone who wants coaching is to ask the question, “Who do you know?” It is so gentle and creates so much space that the person you are speaking to can relax and really hear your question without any of the natural resistance that most coaches create when they are trying to “get” a client.

“Christina, can you help me? I have a space available on The Confident Woman’s Salon. It’s a program for nine amazing women. Each woman is powerful, confident and successful. She has already achieved a great deal in life. And despite a track record of success, she is ready for support to achieve a goal that feels ‘impossible’ right now. Do you know a woman like that?”

Every once in a while, the person in front of you will say, “Oh my gosh. That’s me!” But even if what you are creating is not for them, they won’t feel you’re trying to force something on them.

And if this isn’t right for the person you are speaking to, they will pause and genuinely reflect on who they know.

Then, when someone says a name to you, never say, “Thanks, I’ll call them.” In fact, do the opposite. Get curious…

“Tell me about her. What’s her big dream? What do you think may be holding her back the most in life, right now? Has she ever experienced coaching before? Do you think she’d be open to coaching? Why do you think she’d benefit from speaking to me?”

At the end of this conversation, if it feels like there may be a fit, say something like:

“Have your friend call me or email me. You see, I never cold call. Even for a referral. Tell her that this is my gift to her from you. Tell her that I’ll block out two hours for her. I’ll create a powerful coaching experience and we’ll get her challenges handled. Forever.”

Make your invitations as if you are inviting people to the best party in the world. Coaching is such a gift to most people’s lives. Don’t hesitate to share it. Because they’d be crazy to miss it. But even if they’re not ready for it in this moment, that’s perfectly fine, because someone else will be.

And when they are—that’s when you get to create your magic…

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