Step 3: Create

Chapter 19 • By: Rich

prosperouscoach_creatingclients_3Most coaches launch into a bunch of logistics when you ask them about coaching. “Well, I speak to my clients once every two weeks for an hour.” Or, “We meet face‑to‑face once a month.” Or, “I’ll send you my free ebook.” Or, “I’ll subscribe you to my video series.” Or, “You’ll have access to my member site…”

The problem is: no one cares!

Truly. Clients don’t care about what you have to offer. They don’t even care what you charge. They are too busy thinking about their problems or their dreams. Indeed, they only ever care about the answer to one question: can you help me? 

The truth is they don’t care if you’re a coach, a consultant or if you can sprinkle fairy dust on them. If you can help them get what they really, really, really, really want, then they will find a way to become your client. So the real magic is not in your diplomas or coaching certifications. (Most of the very best coaches I know have no certification. Some have failed marriages, some went broke and some were fired from jobs. That’s all irrelevant.)

The real magic is not in your self‑belief or whether or not you think you can deliver a certain amount of value. The real magic is in whether you are willing to help your clients dive deeper than they have ever gone into the question: What do you really, really, really, really want?

Show up. Be present. Be bold. Coach them powerfully. Be relentless. Be Sherlock Holmes and explore deeper into their lives than anyone has ever gone with them.

Find a way to create an experience of your Coaching Magic for everyone you spend time with. Because then they will do whatever it takes to experience more of it.

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